SWA Ultimate – Scam! Fraud!

Someone is shouting that the SWA Ultimate program is just a scam. And that person’s online writings sometimes even scream: “FRAUD!”

Let’s have a look at the one of the complaints…

“I can download one (or two) of those ebooks for free elsewhere on the internet.”

Yes, there are places on the internet where ebooks are sold wholesale. And yes, some of these ebook buyers make the ebooks freely downloadable on the internet.

Yet SWA Ultimate is much more than just downloadable ebooks. And those who have taken the time to fully explore the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate community will know what I mean.

Anyway, let’s go back to the “I can get it for free elsewhere” issue.

Do you go to school? Do you pay tuition for your high school education? Did you know that you can watch lectures on Math, Biology, and Chemistry for FREE on YouTube?

Will you now call your high school a scam, because you can get the info for free online?

Perhaps some people just need to be better understood.

They’re in pain because they haven’t learned yet how to make full use of the ebooks inside the SWA Ultimate online library. They’re hurting because they feel that they allowed themselves to look like fools. They’re dismayed because they did not get the results they were hoping for.

What were you hoping for when you got access to the SWA Ultimate online library?

1. Was it just downloadable ebooks? Or a community?
2. Was it just 2,100 PDF files? Or access to online training?
3. Was it a quick buck? Or finding out how to build your online business?
4. Was it to satisfy your “Me! Me! Me!” mentality? Or was it to help Others?

Perhaps you need to get more information from Team Manny Viloria.

Check out http://www.viloria.net/swa-pinoy today.

2 thoughts on “SWA Ultimate – Scam! Fraud!

  1. Hi,

    I’m really interested in learning more about SWA – I too want to help others in building wealth and open their minds on opportunities. I would like to know more about how can learn more about the business itself and give others not just the opportunity, but the mindset they need to build wealth.

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